X Burlesque Las Vegas Adult Revue at Flamingo
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X Burlesque Las Vegas
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X Burlesque Best Vegas Adult Revue Flamingo
X Burlesque Sexy Dancers Revue
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The Burlesque style of striptease has stood the test of time because of its classy and provocative sure-fire ways. As the classic saying goes, if it isn’t broke then don’t fix it. And since X-Burlesque knows exactly how to do the trick, then why mess with a good thing.


X Burlesque takes the best of the sizzling tradition of burlesque dancing and turns it into a modern topless striptease. A group of stunning dancers, and we do mean stunning, wrap their long legs around poles, dance daringly to sultry music, join each other in a tub and play dress-up in a variety of fun and flirty ways.


While Las Vegas is known for it’s array of adult entertainment, X-Burlesque is the finest it has to offer. With a song list that spans a little bit of pop, rock and country, there is something sweet and flavorful to everyone’s liking. With classy production sets and gorgeous costumes (that don’t stay on too long), it all takes place in a small and intimate theater that truly showcases the X Girls of X Burlesque. Comedic interludes keep the show upbeat with hilarious bits that happen between the stripteases, making this an excellent selection for a risqué night on the town.

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