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When Prince first emerged on the music scene, his provocative style and immense talent blew everyone away. He burst into the world as a singular artist, there was no one quite like him and there probably never will be. But fret not, because in Las Vegas, everything can be reborn, including the one and only Prince.

The hugely talented tribute artist Jason Tenner brings to life the daring and outrageous experience of a live Prince show from the heyday of Purple Reign, Prince’s most successful album of all time. Purple Reign- The Ultimate Prince Tribute Show is… just.. that. It is truly the ultimate tribute show for Prince fans. With full regard for design and details, from the outfits to those skinny hips, it might just feel like you’ve traveled back in time, to “1999” possibly into a “Little Red Corvette, ” and then been seduced to “Let’s Go Crazy.”

And let’s not forget the entire Prince entourage of that era. Yes, it’s true. The disdainfully fabulous Morris Day and the Time is also given tribute through spot-on impersonators who do bring their “Jungle Love” to the whole party and do it so much justice.

Prince was not only known as a true artist but remember when he changed his name to that unpronounceable symbol that represented him? He was always doing the most outrageous and daring expressions of his music and artistry and will forever be remembered, imitated and celebrated for that.

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