Getting Around in Vegas Cheaply

Getting Around in Vegas Cheaply


Imagine that you are in the middle of the best night of your life. You’re on the Las Vegas Strip and trying to meet up with some friends so you hop into a cab thinking you’ll get a quick ride to where they’re at. Only this little trip turns into a nightmare as you watch the meter skyrocket every time you hit a traffic jam. Surely there’s got to be cheaper ways to get around Las Vegas because there’s no way the locals take expensive cab rides. Here’s some of the best (and cheapest!) transportation options to help you get from point A to point B while living it up in Sin City.

Uber & Lyft vs. Taxi

You’ve probably taken a few (or a hundred) Uber rides in your hometown so you know that it’s convenient to use via the apps on your phone. And where you prefer Uber or Lyft, you’re able to compare your fare ahead of time. While it is true that the prices can soar during peak hours, it’s still cheaper than a cab. Look out for reps on the Strip who pass out promo cards good for free rides for first timers.

RTC Buses – Deuce & SDX

One thing Las Vegas has is a great city bus service. Considering the amount of drinking that goes on here, it’s a pretty smart idea to encourage public transportation. There’s a couple of routes that you should take advantage of. The Deuce and the SDX offer stops along the Strip as well as to hotels. (The Deuce has 22 stops to specific hotels and the SDX has 12). You can find route information along the bus stops as well as maps.

Monorail & Free Trams

If you’re not really a bus kind-of-person, then hop aboard the Las Vegas Monorail. With starting points at the MGM to the SLS, they offer passes for single rides or unlimited. You can also get discounts for groups and children under the age of five are free to ride. What’s also great is that a lot of the free trams at the Mirage, The Excalibur and at The Bellagio.


Walking is obviously the most economical form of transportation and considering that there is so much to see while walking The Strip, it really is the best way to see everything. Try cutting through some of the hotels to get around faster as well as jumping on and off the free shuttles provided by the hotels to give your feet a rest once in awhile.