Bar Crawl in Downtown Vegas

Bar Crawl in Downtown Vegas

Vegas aficionados know that the best way to discover the city is to venture off The Strip and hang out with the locals. Because who else knows how to get a stiff drink at a reasonable price without succumbing to a grungy dive bar? Not that a good time can’t be had a dive bar… you just want to make sure that it’s the best damn dive bar in town.


For starters, in Vegas you’ve got to head Downtown to Fremont Street. There’s plenty of breweries, lounges and other cool spots to check out. While back in the day, downtown Vegas had a reputation as a seedy spot filled with resident gamblers, it’s now the byproduct of a decades’ worth of community revitalization endeavors that have made the area a bona fide destination spot.


When the sun is out, the area is popular with families who love Downtown Container Park for its’ incredible playground and the boutique shopping. Afterhours, adults love the live music in the courtyard and the great watering holes within walking distance.


For wine lovers, check out Bin 702 that’s housed inside two shipping containers. Specializing in delicious charcuterie boards, mini sandwiches and small plates, this is a perfect spot to get the night going and to line your stomach for the night ahead. Featuring both wine and beer on tap, they’ve also got innovative cocktails and aperitifs: the right combination of high-class debauchery.


In the Fremont East entertainment district, you’ll find the sultry Downtown Cocktail Room. This well respected cocktail bar features a ‘clandestine’ vibe housed in a 3,000 square foot lounge. Loved by locals for over a decade, the DCR opened up a sister bar called the Sip ‘N’ Tip located just off the alley.


A night wouldn’t be complete without making a stop at the historic Atomic Liquors. Not only is it the oldest bar in Las Vegas but also everyone from the Rat Pack to Clint Eastwood has gotten drunk here. The place hasn’t changed much over the years. In fact a recent remodel was more like a restoration to its original design. Known for their assortment of sour beers, they’ve got a long list of draft beer that will make you smile.


And because we promised to take you to the best dive bar in Vegas, head on over to the Huntridge Tavern on Charleston Blvd. for an honest good time. Known as authentic local spot, you will find cheap prices and heavy pours, a marriage made in heaven. Plus, they’re open 24 hours. What’s not to love?